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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cocktail Hour Songs

By Mole Street on August, 14 2019
Mole Street

The knot has been tied, the guests are mingling, and cocktails are served! How do you set the mood for this in-between of ceremony and reception, drinks and dinner, chatting and dancing? We’ve got the essentials for curating the perfect playlist to keep your guests brewing and boozing at your cocktail hour.




Imagine Your Cocktail Hour 


The best way to think about your cocktail hour is the bridge between the tear-jerking ceremony and the festive reception. The right cocktail hour songs can keep this transitionary period upbeat without sending your guests straight to the bar for shots and sweaty dance moves. Imagine your company finding their place cards, signing the guest book, dropping off presents, and reconnecting with family and friends all while nibbling on some finger foods and sipping on delectable drinks. Imagine what kind of music sets this mood. Maybe consider a cocktail hour theme; rustic-farm, old-school-vintage, hipster-bohemian, jazzy-lounge. Do any of these sound intriguing? 




What Type of Music Do You Like? 

While this part of the wedding isn’t necessarily your moment in the spotlight, it’s still your special day after all. Even if it is with your guests in mind, it’s important to stay true to your tastes and personality when choosing cocktail hour music. If you’re into classic rock, feel free to include some of it. If you have a love for musicals, now’s the time to sneak in some show tune jams. It’s a day that’s all about you so be sure the music reflects that!




Find a Happy Medium for Your Cocktail Hour Songs


Maybe making your guests’ eyes misty with a loaded love ballad isn’t your goal but neither is getting them fist-pumping to the pulsing house music you listen to on Friday nights at the club. This song selection should be the sweet spot between the two; some melodies to complement conversation, and songs to get your guests warmed up for the jams you’ll play at the reception. Finding this happy medium for your cocktail hour songs is key to choosing your perfect music.




Need some Cocktail Hour Song Recommendations? 

We’ve got some cocktail hour experience under our belts from booking Mole Street Artists at Philadelphia Weddings all year round! If you’re at a loss for ideas, check out some of these playlist samples we’ve put together for your cocktail convenience. From classic and timeless, jazzy-soulful-funky, light and happy, to folksy-acousic, you’re sure to find something that calls your name.




Picking the Right Band for Your Wedding 


When in doubt, trust in your wedding band. Choosing the right music that feels like you while still pleasing your guests is no easy task so leave it to the experts. At Mole Street Artists, it is our passion to book the perfect wedding band for your special day. We’ve got a slew of bands and artists at your disposal, all you’ll have to do is book one that fits your wedding vibe!




If you’re looking for custom music sets, we’ll point you to some seriously talented disk jockeys including DJ Royale, DJ Adrian Hardy, DJ Sabeel Chohan, DJ Redasko, DJ Oluwafemi and more. Our wedding and dance bands like Blues Junior, the Sermon!, York Street Hustle, Brian Williams and the Getback, The 9’s, and the Hoppin’ John Orchestra have the wedding expertise to keep your event lively and downright fun for the entire night. You can even jazz it up with Tom Moon’s Jazz Casual, Chelsea Reed, The Vance Camisa Quartet, Bonjour Paris, Peter Gaudioso, or Christopher Davis Shannon.




Whatever mood you want to set for your cocktail hour, Mole Street Artists is determined to set you up with the perfect band to match. We understand music and entertainment is the secret to making a memorable and perfectly executed event. More importantly, we’re sure we can provide you with the artist or band to do just that.


Get in touch to speak with our talent booker, Sean Timmons to find the perfect fit for you!


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