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5 Things to Consider When Planning the Logistics of Your Wedding

By Kevin McCall on April, 3 2020
Kevin McCall

Planning your Wedding can be a stressful process. Mole Street Artists are here to help! Here's 5 help tips to consider when planing the logistics of your wedding. 

1. Wedding Reception


Whether you have a Wedding Planner or you’re planning a DIY Wedding, one of the most important aspects is the ROS (run of show) or Timeline of your Reception. This helps propel the event forward and gives the band leader an idea of what’s to come -- hour by hour, minute by minute.

If you’re going for a more “mainstream” wedding, below are some noteworthy moments that are sure to be stand-outs at your reception:


  • Order of Wedding Party
  • Wedding Party walks out to the song ____________
  • Newlyweds walk out to the song ____________
  • Welcome Speeches from Parents
  • Newlywed’s Dance to the song ____________
  • Mother/ Son Dance to the song ____________
  • Father/ Daughter Dance to the song ____________

After Dinner:

  • Maid of Honor/ Best Man Speeches
  • Cake cutting

Of course, these are only recommendations. The flow of the evening should reflect you and your significant other’s likes, interests, and relationship. This is YOUR night, but our goal is for you to enjoy the evening while we do the work.

2. Wedding Planning Process


Mole Street Artists’ Production team prides itself on knowing every aspect of your event from ceremony to reception. We become a part of your Wedding Planning team, along with catering and venue contacts. We connect with all parties involved to ensure everyone is clear on the final Run of Show. These conversations include:

  • Timing of dinner service
  • Floor plans
  • Vendor meal service
  • Cake cutting

Additionally, we set up venue walk-throughs for production so artists are appropriately advanced on the event. During a venue walk-through, we review the following:

  • Location of performance spaces
  • Power outlets
  • Artist load In, parking & green room

3. Cocktail Hour Entertainment 


The vibe of cocktail hour should be different from the reception. Think of it like an appetizer for what’s to come later in the evening. For Cocktail Hour Entertainment, most couples lean towards jazz trios or bluegrass groups to serve as light background music. Mole Street Artists’ roster consists of cocktail hour outfits like Vance Camisa Jazz Quartet, Tom Moon’s Jazz Casual, Noggin Hill, and even Blues Junior, a 7-piece wedding band, that can strip the full band down to a saxophone, keys, drum set up.

Most cocktail hour bands are self contained and can perform semi acoustically, however, some jazz trios will feature a performer that will need access to power, which is why an on site walk-through is important. Lastly, the same musicians might be performing during both cocktail hour and reception. In this case, it's best to communicate the separation of these two performance spaces and what changes will need to be made from set to set.

4. Sound for Wedding 


Something to note is that most reception spaces do not provide live sound, therefore, it is the production coordinator’s responsibility to contract sound from our preferred vendors. These crews typically consist of 2-men teams and should access the performance space prior to the band/ DJ’s arrival. These engineers are on site the day of the event to oversee all sound aspects for the band until load out. Sound is incredibly important because without it, your guests might not hear everything they need to.

You want your guests in the back to have as equally memorable of an experience as the guests in the front—from your officiant speaking during the ceremony, to the best man/ maid of honor speeches, all guests should enjoy by hearing the event.

5. Playlists for Weddings 


Like any job, it’s important to take an essential break. This allotted time gives you the opportunity to eat, regroup, and get back to work, ready to give it 100%. The same is true for musicians performing extended live sets. Some wedding receptions can go on up to 4+ hours—that’s a lot performing! Wedding bands need a quick 10 - 15 min break to eat their vendor meal, recharge, and prepare to perform late into evening. But what happens when the band goes on break?

In that case, couples should prepare to schedule the band’s break during a lull in the reception’s timeline. Typically the best times are during speeches or while entrees are being served. To keep the atmosphere lively, we encourage couples to create a shareable Spotify Playlist link of their favorite dinner songs to play at this time.


Contact our talent buyer, Sean Timmons to get started on planning your wedding entertainment today!

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