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10 Tips for Navigating Father Daughter Dance Songs

By Mole Street on July, 13 2018
Mole Street

Dancing with your father, or father-like figure, at your wedding is a moment that's special for everyone. Whether you’re dreaming of a having a teary moment on the dance floor, or busting out a dance routine for you your hilarious dad, there’s ton of songs to choose from. Navigating through those hundreds of father daughter songs out there can get absolutely overwhelming. We’re here to help. Check out Mole Street Artists top 10 tips for choosing the best father daughter dance song.

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Reminisce on the Memories

One of the easiest ways to spark inspiration for your father daughter song is looking back on great memories with your old man. What songs did you sing along to during those summer vacation road trips? Did your Dad’s favorite songs he played around the house shape your taste in music today? Music always has a way of sneaking into our best memories, so maybe a good reminiscing session with your Dad is all you need to guide you to the best father daughter songs.

Think of a Life Lesson

Dads make great guides when it comes to navigating life’s toughest decisions. When looking for a song, think back on a time when your dad was able to pass along his infinite wisdom. For those life lessons from your old man, there may be a song out there about that exact same lesson. Try Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. from your first heartbreak when Dad was there for you. You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones may remind you of younger days when you weren’t getting what you wanted, and Dad sang along to that classic tune. Or perhaps Dream On by Aerosmith reminds you of the glass-half-full attitude your Dad always showed you.  Maybe your father daughter dance is the time to remind your dad of all the wonderful wisdom he passed along to you in your life.

Consider the Match

Finding a song that represents the relationship with your dad will make the dance all the more natural and comfortable. Do you and your dad have a special bond that makes your teary? Or is all about laughing together and keeping things light? Either way, choose a song that’s reminiscent of the relationship you have with your dad. That way, when you choose from all the father daughter wedding dance songs out there, yours will complement the bond with your dad perfectly.

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Plan Your Style of Groovin’

Think about how you and your dad like to dance as a duo. Swinging, waltzing, basic slow dancing, it doesn’t matter! Not all  father and daughter songs have to be slow! Talk with your dad about how he’d like to dance with you at your wedding and that will help you navigate through styles. Perhaps a slow dance is easiest and most comfortable for the two of you and choosing from slower daddy daughter dance songs will fit best. Or perhaps, cutting a rug is how you roll and you need a grooving song to match! Considering the style of dancing you’re both comfortable with is a great way to find that perfect song.

Set the Mood

When choosing from the hundreds of father daughter songs out there, you may want to decide the reaction you hope for from your guests. Whether you’re having a small, intimate wedding or large one, your audience plays a role in your first dance with your dad. After all, all their eyes are on you! Some families love to have a good cry together and will totally fall for the moment John Mayer sings, “fathers be good to your daughters”. Other families love to laugh and will eat up when your dad and you bust out Bruno Mars reminiscent moves on the floor. Considering your audience when choosing your song will make your wedding day a memorable one for you and all your guests.

Have a Song Sampling day

To avoid any surprises or disagreements that may come along, take a day to sit down with your dad and listen to a mix of father daughter wedding dance songs together. Plan your song sampling day somewhere where you two can sort through music and have a place to boogie! Taking this chance to figure out what your dad does and doesn’t like gives you the opportunity to pair it with your preferences. Then once you’ve narrowed down the list, you’ll have a chance to practice your dancing together! The more preparation you do in the beginning, the more fun you’ll be able to have on the dance floor knowing you chose the perfect song.

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Go with a Classic

Maybe all these tips are leading you down a bunch of dead end roads. Going with a classic is just that, classic! Not everyone will have a song that jumps out to them as the perfect wedding song for you and your old man, and that’s okay! But everyone can relate to and adore a good, old classic. Choose from What Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, Forever Young by Bob Dylan, You Are So Beautiful to Me by Joe Cocker, or My Girl by The Temptations.

Choose from Our List

We’ve booked our Mole Street Artists at many weddings around Philadelphia! So our team put together a quick list of our top picks for father and daughter songs. We love a good classic, but sprinkled in a few to get you thinking out of the box. Our top picks include:


Wildflowers by Tom Petty

Daughters by John Mayer

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

Sweet Pea by Amos Lee

Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

I Lived by One Republic

Let’s Dance by David Bowie

Pick the Right Wedding Band

The artists we book at Mole Street Artists have a mission to deliver the best wedding entertainment in Philadelphia. Our artists are incredibly talented individuals with expertise in their respective genres. They seek to engage the guests, enhance the wedding experience, and give a memorable performance that will leave you and your guests raving for years to come. Any one of our talented artists would be happy to play father and daughter songs for your wedding!

Pairing our artists with a team of entertainment experts is what makes Mole Street Artists so successful in delivering some of the best wedding entertainment you can find in Philadelphia. Our team of trained experts seek to understand your wedding needs, wishes, and dreams and make them a reality. Let us give you a personalized and unique wedding entertainment experience, and we will take care of the rest!

If you’re looking for a DJ with an ability to create a custom set of music, we’ve got DJ Adrian Hardy, DJ Redasko, DJ Royale, and more! Our disc jockeys know how to combine styles to create a unique sound for every event. If you like funk and dance bands, our live bands The York Street Hustle, Brian Williams and the Get Back, The Sermon!, and Blues Junior know how to vibe and will have your guests grooving all night long at the reception. If you’re looking for a smoother experience or Jazz Trio, our jazz artists Chelsea Reed, Peter Gaudioso, and The Vance Camisa Quartet bring a sophisticated feel to a wedding of any size. Last but not least, our talented acoustic performers Aaron Parnell Brown, John Byrne Band, and Greg Cagno create a tasteful ambiance adding an extra element to any wedding ceremony and reception.

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Communicate Your Needs

Choosing a wedding band that caters to your needs is important. Once you’ve picked the perfect group for your entertainment, make sure to communicate what father daughter wedding dance songs you’ll be considering for your father daughter dance to ensure that they’re able to perform your song in the exact style you’re wanting. At Mole Street Artists, we have a roster filled with artists from all different genres and styles with tons of talent. Any artist on our roster would be happy to work in your personal preferences to their set.  And to make everything easier, the team of entertainment experts at Mole Street Artists will be able to help you communicate your music needs to the group, so the pressures off!

Still can’t decide? We’re happy to help! Mole Street Artists has an experienced team of entertainment specialists that can help guide you through all the mother and son songs out there! Get in touch with one of our entertainment specialists to talk about booking the perfect wedding entertainment for your special day.

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